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Primark Haul

After venturing into Primark after about 2 years I was shocked at the prices. Everything in this haul came to £28. What?!? The collection of shoes on offer were so pretty however the clothes available were not the best (die hard Miss Selfridge fan). I love the things I did pick up and when it all came to less than £30, I really can’t complain!

Pink studded sliders

Definitely a love or hate, but these are my absolute guilty pleasure. I adore the pink colour paired with the pearl and metal studs. These will be the perfect travel shoe; at only £5 they’re a steal.

Floral sandals

These are gorgeous, so summery! Unfortunately I picked these up in a size three instead of a five so they will be going back…slightly gutted. (£6)

Lace sandals

There’s something about woody brown and dainty lace that works so well. They were super cheap at £4 and will be really nice with a casual summers dress.


Flamingo flip flops. YASS!

Facial wipes

Nobody can beat Primarks face wipe price. So useful for late nights and they come in many formulas so you can pick a pack to suit your skin needs exactly.

Valentino style sandals

Valentino’s iconic studs are everywhere at the minute. Dune have been using them and now Primark has followed. I really wanted to give these a go to see if they fit in with my style/clothes before I start saving for some heels in the real deal and at at £6 they do perfectly.

Rose tint sunglasses

These were £1 – there was no saying no at that price! They are kind of big but fit really well for something I’d assume to be low quality.

Face washing brush

I have tried this since purchasing and would not recommend. It’s not like I’ve lost a ton of money but the bristles are sharp, hurt and made my skin sensitive causing a break out. Spare your skin and your pennies.

Eyeshadow shields

I do my sisters lashes and thought these would be perfect to keep her eyes safe from the strong glue. However, the pads are very sticky so I’m not sure how well they would work for their intended purpose.

Pale flip flops

With a probable life span of about 5 minuets, I’m glad they were under a pound but for the beach they don’t need to be anything special. I like the pink colour and they are so comfortable.

I hope you enjoyed this little haul, it’s not something I’ve ever done but if it does well I’ll hopefully do some more in the future especially in the shops I usually go in (topshop, MAC, Miss Selfridge, boots ect).

Thanks for reading,

Shaddows xoxo

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Simple ways to be the happiest! ☀️

The weather has turned so nice all of a sudden and it just makes me so happy. With the sun on my skin and blossom trees everywhere, everything feels so much better. This made me realise that it’s the simple things that often make the most difference. Sure, buying a nice handbag or some really pretty make up makes me happy but this surprise weather has made me realise that I don’t need to spend money to feel good. Here are some simple, free/low cost ways to instantly boost your mood!


Shower in the sun

Just as the sun is setting, warm rays fill my bathroom and there’s something about showering at this time that is so healing and positive. Definitely try it out.


Everyone says it, but it’s because it’s so true and really can boost your mood, especially with friends/family. Exercise burns stress away and being outside is very soothing too.

Cucumber facial

Grab a cucumber out the fridge and get a few slices. Apply to the whole face (who said cucumber was just for your eyes?). This is a super easy, cheap and convenient way to pamper yourself. The cool cucumber on the face provides instant positivity and relaxation.

Tidy and de-clutter

Getting rid of clutter makes me so happy and provides  a much happier mindset, not to mention more motivation.


If all else fails, get yourself a hug. 99% chance it will make you feel a lot better.

Look through photos

Looking through photos of good times brings so many positive vibes! My favourite is looking through pictures of my prom last year.


Plan the week ahead to be productive and positive with a daily check list. Getting things done and feeling productive definitely makes me so much happier.

Find small things to look forward to

In winter I look forward to hot chocolates and snow, in summer it’s fashion and clothes. Looking forward to things is such an easy way to keep going and feel positive. I always make sure I have something to look forward to, big or small, it definitely keeps me smiling.

Thanks for reading,

Shaddows xoxo


How to: cut crease with feathered liner

Feathered liner is so fun and actually really easy to do, paired with a glittery cut crease it looked so cute. Here’s how I did it:


1. Blend pink shades into the crease using wind screen wiper motions to ensure a thorough blend.


2. Using a Small brush and concealer, cut the crease.


3. Do not set the concealer, instead mix a shimmery and purple eye glitters and place this onto the concealer that will act as a glue.


4. To do the feathered liner, take a flat brush and apply purple liquid liner to one side and white to the other. Swipe the liner gently from where the cut crease stops to where normal liner would end. Alternate the colours and build the sweeps until a feather like pattern has been created.

5. Put a thin line of black eyeliner along the lash line, then apply some lashes The lashes will then look thick and blended.


Thanks for reading,
Shaddows xoxo

45 eye glitters for £4.50! SupplyEU 45 Mix Colours Nail Art Makeup Decoration Extra Fine Glitter Dust Powder Set

Crease cutting small brush: LyDia® Professional Black Flat Angled Eye Brow/Eyeliner/Eyeshadow Makeup Cosmetic Brush (flat angled eyebrow brush)

NYX purple eyeliner: NYX Cosmetics Studio Liquid Liner – Extreme Purple

NYX White eyeliner: //

My FAVE fluttery full lashes (used in this look: //

Ardell Demi wispies multipack: //

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L’Oreal stick foundation review

There’s just something about stick foundation which really makes me love it. It’s completely different to what I’ve always perceived foundation to be and it’s so satisfying to swipe on and blend in with a spritz of fix plus. This is what made me really want to try L’Oreal’s new cover stick. It’s clear resemblance of the makeup forever ultra hd stick made the purchase a no-brainier, I wanted to see if it was as much of a dupe on the inside as it was at first glance. After trialling this £9 foundation for a few weeks, this is my review.

Foundation info:
Cost: £9
Availability: easy to find at Boots and Superdrug as well as some online shops.
Shade range: 12 shades, more pale shades than dark unfortunately.
Description: 24 hour wear, creamy formula, 12 shades, highly pigmented.


Quick to apply and easy to use, this foundation is great for everyday use. With medium coverage, L’Oreal’s new foundation has a dewy finish that can also be easily mattified with some powder if preferred. Paired with a good primer, a flawless base can be created that lasts well. This foundation glides on smoothly with the perfect amount of product dispersed. A beautiful finish is left on the skin that looks good in most lighting, a nice change from many foundations available. At £9, this is a steal!

This foundation does show pores but this is easily avoided by a layer of primer. Shade range is limited and the lightest colour did look slightly orange on my skin, nothing crazy as it didn’t oxidise at all. The foundation is probably best suited to dry skin as the oil in my combination skin did show after about 5-6 hours (easily hidden with a touch of powder). Concealer will probably be needed if you have quite red areas of skin.

Thanks for reading,
Shaddows xoxo


How To Make Makeup Last All Day- fool proof tips and tricks💄

Having oily skin, I used to dread looking in the mirror at the end of the day… Until I discovered how to make makeup truly last morning til night. Once you start using these hacks, you’ll never go back.


By the end of the day, parts of the face can be covered in unflattering shine or to put it blankly, oil and grease. To prevent this from happening there are a few simple steps to follow:


1. First, spray a setting spay over the clean, moisturised face. This is a GAME CHANGER, one that worked amazingly was urban decays all nighter setting spay. Makeup lasts so much longer; for any long/hard day this step is essential.


2. Next, Apply a primer that works for you, I use the poreffesional to act as a barrier for shine as well as reducing the appearance of my pores (it also smells devine!) but I definitely recommend experimenting with primers to find what works best for you. If you suffer with extreme shine, you may want to incredibly lightly powder the primer but this will probably not be necessary unless you have exercise planned or on a long summers day.


3. Then, apply your foundation. For me, studio fix lasts the longest without showing shine.

4. After that, powder the face. Above are my two absolute favourite. For the t-zone or oily area, I bake using the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder by picking up the product with a beauty blender and lightly pushing into skin then leaving for about 2 minutes and brushing away. For the rest of the face, I use Rimmels iconic powder (definitely worth grabbing at under £5), dusting it over the rest of the skin.

5. Finally set the skin with the all nighter setting spray. This will both fully set the skin and melt all the makeup together to look flawless and natural.


Many friends have asked me how I manage to make my eyeshadow last all day and after suffering from creasing, oily lids and eyeshadow disappearance myself since about 2 years ago, I know how frustrating it can be. This is how to protect your eyeshadow:


This stuff is freaking hardcore but it works. So much so that if you sleep in it (i do not recommend) it is rumoured that your eyeshadow will still be intact the next day😱. Apply the MAC soft ochre paint pot with a brush, dust with powder then apply eyeshadow as normal and say goodbye to creasing and hello to perfect eyeshadow all day!

Alternatively, this can be done with any liquid concealer in place of the paint pot, I use rimmels ‘wake me up’ on an everyday basis to save money. Remember to apply a little more powder or bake with this method to avoid any type of eyeshadow mishap.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for reading,

Shaddows xoxo