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How To Bulid A Successful Makeup Instagram

If you have a passion for makeup then creating a Instagram page not only is enjoyable but you can chat to like minded people, grow your skills and even promote brands/receive free products. It’s not easy. Posts can take hours to create, not to mention writing a caption linking all the brands, editing skin and using the perfect hashtags. However, if you follow these four steps, things are a lot easier.

1. Quality pictures

Taking quality pictures is so important. Find your best angle (stick to it if possible as people love a clean feed and can instantly identify your work from your angle if repeatedly used). Find the lighting that works best for you and take pictures that are crisp and clear. Blurry photos never do as well as a crisp shot. I like to use the back camera of my iPhone 6s for the best possible, clear photo, especially with the flash on.

2. Blend more and intensity

Eyeshadow may seem perfectly blended irl, but take a picture and it can resemble a streaky mess. They ain’t lying when the phrase ‘blending is my cardio’ is used when it comes to insta makeup! Take more time blending when you are doing makeup looks for Instagram and increase the intensity. Double cut creases don’t look cute day to day but take a picture and it looks amazing. Photos can wash out colour so be brave with shades applied and  make sure your brows are looking fierce as they will appear far more washed out/less intense on a screen.

3. Hashtags

Hashtags are so so important, if you want to know which ones to use check out Best hashtags post . Also remember to only use up to 30 or the caption will be deleted upon posting and use a variety of popular/specific hashtags to get engagement on a larger scale and over an extended period of time. Also, don’t over use hashtags as you risk being shaddownanned where the hashtags don’t work on your post.

4. Timings

See when your followers are most active and when Instagram traffic is at its highest and on what days to allow the most engagement on your makeup pictures. Timing is key to how successful your post will be. I find later at night is best for me as the majority of my followers are from America where time is behind.

I really hope this helped, I remember setting up my account last August with no clue so hopefully this will be helpful to someone who is in the same position.

Thanks for reading!

Shaddows xoxo