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How to get £1k designer handbags for £250

Over the past year I have developed a love for designer handbags however, being a student, the cost is just not realistic. But, if you think about how you are buying designer goods, a LOT of money can be saved. These hacks have saved me £750 on designers like Micheal Kors, Ted Baker and Ralph Lauren. If you want to find out how to save, keep reading!

TK Maxx is your bff. You may have to dig and hunt for bags but it’s worth it. Lately I have seen handbags by Moschino, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Versace and Ralph Lauren stocked even with their dust bags. Get to know your local stores delivery day/time for the best pick of their new stock. Also, if your store is situated near a John Lewis/department store selling a certain brand ie. Ralph Lauren, it is likely that the Tk Maxx will not be allowed to stock these brands so bear that in mind. When you’ve found your new bag, search for tiny faults like a small black line (that can be polished off at home, nothing like a rip or fault in manufacturing- no way!) and tell the SA as they will usually take off a further 10%. To show how much you can actually save in TK Maxx I brought a RL for £45 reduced from over £300 and a MK for £80 reduced from £370. Tk Maxx has huge savings!

Outlets are also a great place to get bags for less, my personal favourite is Biceter Village. It’s such a gorgeous place with many top end designers (that I can’t afford yet but it’s still lovely to look around) as well as more entry level brands like Micheal Kors and Kate spade. Recently I purchased a bag there with a total saving of £185 which can really add up when growing your collection.

Finally, if you want new season products and the in store experience, wait for sales! Only the other day my local Micheal Kors was having a random 15% off day which can really save you some money. Sometimes they also half price certain items which is how I got my very first designer purse for just £40.

I hope this is helpful, thanks for reading,

Shaddows xoxo

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How to grow a makeup collection💄

With makeup being expensive it can be hard to grow the collection of your dreams especially when there are so many products required. Getting into makeup properly at about 13 years old, I didn’t feel like I would ever have the collection I have now that enables me to pretty much create any look I like. Here are my tips on how to grow a makeup collection!


Take Every Opportunity

Birthdays, Christmas, rewards, finishing exams/school presents, ask for makeup! These are perfect times to ask for makeup that doesn’t cost you a thing- then with your own money you can buy even more. Lush

Write A Wish List

Writing a wish list identifys what you really want. Only buy from the wish list to avoid impulse buys or tempting cheap drugstore prices of things you don’t need.

Don’t Waste Money

If you are saving for a really high quality, high end product, don’t go into the drug store and buy loads just because it’s cheap. Sometimes these things don’t work well and by the time you have finished getting lots of low cost products, you probably could have got yourself that amazing highlighter or the beautiful eyeshadow palette you’ve wanted for everrr.

Save Up

Set aside a small amount of money each week, I usually put aside my £5 pocket money for make up funds and money from work goes on life costs, this will soon add up and you can purchase quality products every month or so. Sounds small but definitely adds up alongside birthdays etc.

Find Money

Small jobs like baby sitting or doing other people’s makeup can provide money doing something that you enjoy. Take your new funds straight to the shop the next day and treat yourself to a new product to add to your collection!

Be Realistic

Remember, your not getting sent PR so don’t feel like you need to have a makeup collection like the beauty gurus. It’s not realistic and there comes a point when the amount you’ve spent on make up becomes slightly scary and probably should have been spent on your education or travelling.

Nevertheless make up is amazing, fun and empowering so don’t be afraid to spend your money on it. After all, it’s your money and your decision only. Hopefully this gave you some ideas on how to grow your collection,

Thanks for reading,

Shaddows xoxo

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Holy Grail Makeup you NEED In your life💄

Makeup is expensive so you want to know that whatever your are buying is really, really good. Today I have a selection of amazing products you actually NEED. These products have stood out from all the products I have tried and are ones that have been reached for time and time again so I thought I would share some products totally worth the money.

ABH- modern renaissance

Where do I start? The colours are stunning. It’s so pigmented. It blends beautifully. The quality is incredible. The texture is buttery. So many different looks can be created. The modern renaissance palette WINS eyeshadow.

MAC- studio fix

039032B5-64E6-4CF0-80FE-6DAC1FE22689This foundation covers everything, literally every single thing. My skin always looks so good with this and the majority of the time I get compliments, this will be the foundation I’m wearing. It’s such a boost of confidence and I would recommend to anyone who struggles with their skin or wants a foundation to actually last all day.

Stila- magnificent metals


Magnificent metals are the no fuss, fast track way to mesmerising glitter and shine. Being almost a glue and glitter in one, a fabulous cut crease can be created in seconds. My favourite shade is kitten karma- a gorgeous rose gold- but there are multiple other shades from deep shimmering black to a dazzling silver. These are a cut crease fan’s best friend.

ABH- dip brow


This product definitely earned the hype. I’ve tried other pomades and they all are so difficult to use, not to mention drying up with in weeks. Dip brow lasts beyond a year so it’s definitely worth paying that little bit extra. See it in action here: How to achieve a double cut crease

Ardell wispies

Ardell Lash Wispies Are my all time favourite lashes. They are so long, fluttery and flattering, easy to apply and perfect for any occasion. Having worn mine over 40 times the v.f.m is incredible. Perfect lashes! Personally the Demi wispies are too short but if you like a more natural look, these very popular lashes are the one. To save money (probably a good idea when the new abh palette launches soon… ahhh!) they can also be brought in multipacks which I found here Ardell professional Demi wispies multipack and ardell professional wispies multipack with applicator

MUG- single shadows


Make up geek eyeshadows are so easy to work with and the fact that you can choose the colours avoids that one ugly unused shade situation (always a bonus). Creating your own palette is so much fun and MUG absolutely nailed the formula, they blend so well and are really pigmented. Loveee them!

Rimmel- stay matte powder

Rimmel’s stay matte had to be on the list at just £3.99 (often less in a 3-for-2 deal). It may be cheap but it works so well. Makeup stays put all day, I bake with it, set my eyes and use it to carve out my contour. It’s such a versatile product: swipe the powder with a beauty blender to bake/carve or set with a brush. This is one to buy right away!

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you like the look of anything, happy shopping!

Thank you for reading,

Shaddows xoxo