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How to get £1k designer handbags for £250

Over the past year I have developed a love for designer handbags however, being a student, the cost is just not realistic. But, if you think about how you are buying designer goods, a LOT of money can be saved. These hacks have saved me £750 on designers like Micheal Kors, Ted Baker and Ralph Lauren. If you want to find out how to save, keep reading!

TK Maxx is your bff. You may have to dig and hunt for bags but it’s worth it. Lately I have seen handbags by Moschino, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Versace and Ralph Lauren stocked even with their dust bags. Get to know your local stores delivery day/time for the best pick of their new stock. Also, if your store is situated near a John Lewis/department store selling a certain brand ie. Ralph Lauren, it is likely that the Tk Maxx will not be allowed to stock these brands so bear that in mind. When you’ve found your new bag, search for tiny faults like a small black line (that can be polished off at home, nothing like a rip or fault in manufacturing- no way!) and tell the SA as they will usually take off a further 10%. To show how much you can actually save in TK Maxx I brought a RL for £45 reduced from over £300 and a MK for £80 reduced from £370. Tk Maxx has huge savings!

Outlets are also a great place to get bags for less, my personal favourite is Biceter Village. It’s such a gorgeous place with many top end designers (that I can’t afford yet but it’s still lovely to look around) as well as more entry level brands like Micheal Kors and Kate spade. Recently I purchased a bag there with a total saving of £185 which can really add up when growing your collection.

Finally, if you want new season products and the in store experience, wait for sales! Only the other day my local Micheal Kors was having a random 15% off day which can really save you some money. Sometimes they also half price certain items which is how I got my very first designer purse for just £40.

I hope this is helpful, thanks for reading,

Shaddows xoxo